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If you are a parent and has a son or are expecting one shortly, you may wonder about circumcision. Do I have my son circumcised or not? Here are some pointers:

(Please note that the tone may be cynical and aggressive but that’s because the writer was “cut” for no reason at all, hates it and shows his disapproval of the procedure! He chose not to cut his sons when they were born).

If you are the father, are you circumcised? If you are, do you like the situation? If you do, do you think your son will be happy about it?

If you are the father and are not circumcised, why would you do this to your child?

If you think you are doing this for medical reasons, just in case you son gets some disease, why not go ahead and remove his nose – we all get colds; or, let’s take out his heart, just in case he gets a heart attack! Crazy? Exactly.

If you are a mother and don’t like the look of an “uncut” penis, who are you to deny your son his full birthright? Many women are conditioned to ‘like’ the circumcised penis because that is all they know.

“But my father had my brother circumcised!” Your father did not have your genitals tampered with, did he? Before you have your son put through this, remember the millions of women in Africa who are circumcised daily! NOCIRC-SA is not just about men. We feel equally strong about female circumcision. More information on Female Genital Mutilation…

God created your son with a foreskin because He knows that it has a function, otherwise He would not have put it there. OK, the medical guys will tell us all about an appendix that serves no purpose. But we don’t just routinely perform appendix removals just in case it gives us a problem later. And now we know years later, that even the appendix has a function.


If you have a son who is not “cut” the following thing may still happen: (Written by a father whose son is not cut and has gone through some of the situation mentioned underneath.)

Health issues
My infant son’s foreskin will not retract. Leave it alone! It is not meant to retract before about nine years.

My son has (had) phimosis (foreskin retracted and stuck behind the glans) and this looks serious. Don’t panic. Take him to a urologist. He will be given an injection to relieve the swelling and the foreskin will move forward once the excess fluid has drained from the glans. It happened to my son and he is perfectly OK now. (See a relevant link further down the page.)

My son is past his puberty and has difficulty retracting his foreskin beyond the glans. Leave it. In time, proper care and exercises will help him to gradually widen the foreskin. An adult male known to the writer had a circumcision done at 18 because the foreskin would not retract. Had he known it could be remedied without surgery, he would not have done it. Now he is restoring his foreskin.

But the Bible dictates that sons should be circumcised on the eighth day. This section is not meant to compare religions or seek out errors. It is meant to be honest and objective:

Religious Issues
Do you belong to the “Christian” faith? Then you must know that circumcision was a sign of the covenant God made with the nation of Israel alone. Since you claim to be a Christian, you don’t belong to the “old” covenant but have been made “new” through Jesus Christ. God does not deal with the Christians as a nation because we are from many nations.

Do you belong to the Jewish faith? Then you will justify circumcision as based on your covenant with God. Point taken. But let me ask you this: Do you uphold all the requirements of the Old Testament? Do you refrain from work on a weekend? Or do you stay at home and not do any shopping on the Sabbath? Do you ensure that milk and meat are never prepared using the same utensils? If you break but even the tiniest of the Jewish law, you may as well break the one about circumcision… God makes it very clear to all that He requires circumcision of the heart, which is an inward sign of faith, rather than an outward statement.

If you are a Muslim, know that it is not a requirement of Islam to be circumcised and nowhere in the Koran does it insist upon this. As you know, the Koran also says that nothing was left out of it.

Still not convinced, here are 35 reasons not to circumcise your child.

And if you are still not convinced, simply go and watch a circumcision…..that will certainly be enough to make you want to protect your child from it

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